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Hello Spring! 

Today, I celebrate the Celtic Holiday and Vernal Equinox : Ostara.

Here are the Quean of the Green updates ! 

Promo Reel Video is now complete!



The video can be viewed above ,  on the site in the “Tell-your-vision” , on You tube and has 2.5 Thousand views already on Facebook! 


It features the sneak peak track “Awakening the Wild” produced by Inner Forest — from the new album “Flocus” , which will be released Summer 2017.



It has been a winter of productivity: 

. The musical has been typed and printed for review.

. Multiple songs have been re-recorded, written , mixed and mastered.

. A variety of artists are crafting new logos and looks for ” Quean of the Green”.

. A t-shirt line is being created and aiming to launch for the fall.

.” Can You? ” Music Video is still in the works featuring collaborations with the majestic producer  ” Pacha Papa”

. The website will have a new design for the summer.

AND! I’m starting a garden 🙂


I give praise and thanks to my amazing supporters and subscribers. I couldn’t do this without you! You fuel my fire!!! 

Multiple subscribers are joining my email list every day and I feel blessed that the ball is rolling! 

Blessings and Love,

Quean of the Green